May this season bring you joy and peace.

Christmas Update 2022

Dear friends and supporters of Vision of Hope Ministries (VOHM):

2022, a year for Haiti that is hard to capture in words. We cannot ignore the humanitarian disaster that has fallen on the country, but I will not dwell on this because there is good news for Christ and his kingdom happening through VOHM.

The worldly status in Port au Prince and southern Haiti is bad. Gang warfare resulting in 100’s killed in Cite de Soleil, famine like hunger, no clean water causing Cholera. The government institutions are in collapse, no fuel, kidnappings rampant-evil. The gangs are funded by wealthy interests in Miami, they must be sanctioned for the country to survive and thrive with a new government. Sanctions are starting to be applied-pray that continues.

Pastor Caleb Lucien, our Sr. Missionary in country, has been in this role for 26 months. He is carrying on the legacy of his brother, Pastor Henoc Lucien. We are thankful he has stepped up to provide outstanding leadership and spiritual direction. VOHM has always focused on the spiritual transformation of people and the education of the next generation. We continue to work out this plan.

VOHM is supporting four churches, a Christian school with 1200 enrolled and a solar water plant in the village of Berard. We employ 56 teachers, 21 support staff and 7 bus drivers in our school and 8 pastors for our church network. This is the foundation of our core spiritual work. VOHM in 2022 constructed a large canopy structure for our school and Cap Haitian church to provide a safe sheltered space for these growing ministries. The Cap Haitian church has had up to 900 worshipers on Sunday morning, requiring the move to two Sunday services. The people keep coming and worshiping in our churches, in spite of the turmoil all around. Praise God for this! We have added additional classroom and office space in our school complex. God is faithful and merciful, blessing our work with expanding outreach, growing churches and transformed lives through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Caleb and the VOHM board are working on the development of a 10-year master planwith fresh vision and goals as we keep our eyes focused upwards on Jesus and as Paul says: Forgetting what lies behind we press on toward what’s ahead. Some of the initiatives that we are praying we can accomplish in 2023:

-completion of the Grand Rivière du Nord church building-$25,000.
-purchase or receiving a donation for two additional buses for our Christian school.
-the purchase and installation of a 25KW solar generator reducing by 80% our need for diesel fuel $13,500.
-realizing our goal to sponsor at least 175 students at our College Susan Schuenke. $375/school year covers one student in school. To date we have only received support for 50 students.
-Hire a new administrative assistant to assist Caleb in country and provide timely
communication to Susi Vermillion our Administrative Coordinator in the US, keeping all of you up to date on the ministry. 
-Enable Pastor Caleb to visit many of our churches so you can get to know him.
-seek strategic relationships to enable VOHM to realize the vision God has set before us.
-fund our 2022-23 Budget of $345,000 with 93% going to Haiti.

Blessings to you, our friends! Would you consider your continuous and generous support as you are able, for the work and vision of VOHM:

“Making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout northern Haiti by planting autonomous churches that equip their members to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people, introducing them to salvation in Jesus Christ. These churches, in turn, reproduce other churches that doctrinally and philosophically unify themselves to bring glory to God through an international outreach.”

It is my prayer for you, as we celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas
season, that you are strengthened and encouraged to know, we can face tomorrow because He has risen, and He will make the old pass away and make all things new!

Greg Schuenke
President VOHM

Pastor Caleb Lucien
Sr. Missionary VOHM[UNIQID]