From Caleb:

    As of this Monday morning, the tensions continue to intensify.  In the capital city roadblocks are everywhere.  Whatever protestors can move to block passages they do it:  cars, trucks, trash, trees, and chains.  The road between Cap Haitien and Port au Prince via the central plateau is blocked in at least 10 different areas.  Banks remain closed, gas is unavailable, food is scarce, restaurants are closed.  From those who have something and to those who live daily on the verge of survival, the sentiment is the same:  despair

     This weekend, there was looting in various cities around the country.  In the city of Cap Haitien things are somewhat calm.  The few people you find on the streets look disoriented, scared and hoping and praying for a better tomorrow.. On a positive note, everyone is praising the National Police here who in spite of their lack of resources have done everything to prevent the destruction that is happening in other parts of the country.  Finally, after 8 days of looting, rioting and destruction nationwide, the Prime Minister has made an appeal last night for calm, however the words mean nothing to the population.  

     In the midst of the chaos, we are grateful for the opportunity we had to worship in all of our churches yesterday.  The main comfort we have is that our God will hear the prayers of His children.  We continue to pray for His protection and for His provision for His children. We were reminded of the truth that our God is good, merciful, loving and that He will punish the iniquities of the evil ones. We will trust Him.  

I am reminded of a simple prayer that I made many years ago:

Dear Lord,

I will trust in you no matter what

Even when life may seem hopeless

I will focus solely upon your faithfulness

And that in itself is a great fact

Early in the day I will call upon your name

At noontime I will sing of your mercies

At the sunset I will continue to do the same

As I contemplate your creation’s beauties

On you always I will depend more

For in that Name there is power

You are my only Provider

I will trust you for evermore.

     In the midst of turmoil we will turn to Him ad we will do everything to be a blessing to those in need.  Things are hard and difficult but our God is faithful.  

So please continue to pray for God’s protection over the country as the hurricane moves past us.  We are having rain only.  Thank you for praying!