May 15 was the 13th anniversary of The College Susan Schuenke.  It has been 13 years of ups and downs but the school is flourishing!

College Susan Schuenke has been, and remains among the best schools of Cap-Haitien, Haiti!  For 13 years we have been training the future of Haiti and have been able to fully see the deep blessings of a solid educational foundation in the lives of our community. On the occasion of this great celebration, a thanksgiving service was organized at the First Baptist Church of Cap- Haitian in the morning.  In the afternoon a party was held for the occasion at Bagay la Bar Restaurant.  Parents, students and teachers were all reunited together to give praise to this great accomplishment.  Certificates were awarded to several students including Roselande St-II in the 13th grade, Lyne Stecie Pierre in the 9th grade and Witzar Merilus in the 4th grade for their devotion to school and their work ethic.  It is our desire that The College Susan Schuenke will always be among the best schools in Haiti and continue to train young leaders in order to work for the development of Haiti.  It is not without the financial help and most importantly the prayers of our supporters that we are where we are today at The College Susan Schuenke and for that we offer our sincerest thanks.  In Him,

– Patrick Franklin