** Giving Tuesday is almost here!

VOHM is asking for your help refurbishing and repairing our mission team house. The house has suffered damage and is now in need of the following:

* Structural wall repair * New Roof * Painting * Electric * Interior dividing wall * Interior furnishings (beds)

Please follow the link below to donate toward this cause. We are so grateful for your support! Thank you! Vision of Hope Ministries Donate Here! (https://give-usa.keela.co/giving-tuesday-23) The pictures on the left side show the current condition of the house, with significant wall cracks and worn down beds and mattresses. The photos to the right show how the team house looked when new. Our goal is to improve these conditions with the funds raised during this campaign. Notice the missing pieces of the roof area on the upper left area of the photo. The last photo, below, also showing wall damage due to the earthquake. The repairs needed include a new roof, structural wall repair, painting, electrical, indoor dividing wall and we are also hoping to replace the beds/mattresses. Our goal for this project is to raise $15,000. We need your help, will you help us to make a difference? Please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you. www.visionofhopeministries.org info@visionofhopeministries.org