Tough Days Continue for Haiti-

A Letter from Pastor Henoc

Dear Friends:

Many of you have been asking about the sociopolitical situation in Northern Haiti. Since this past weekend things calmed down considerably. There is no violence in and around the city. However people are a little bit hesitant. On Monday morning we started school after 3 weeks off due to political unrest. Many of the parents were reluctant to send their children to school in the first day. On Tuesday, the majority was present.

Transportation remains the major setback. Since December there has been a shortage in fuel at the gas station. When a station is selling, it is very crowded and a lot of time it is even impossible to purchase it. We don’t know how long the country is going to be able to bear it under theses circumstances. I have no reliable vehicle for ministry needs.

Most of the hotels are empty. Many of them lay people off. The tourists industry has been hit very hard by these events. Even the restaurants seem to be empty. Due to the decrease of the value of the Haitian currency, people are living very difficult circumstances. Food has become much more expensive.

In spite of everything, our church’s are full for Sunday and evening services. People are looking to the Lord for refuge and we are there.

Please pray for us as we are going through very hard times.

Because He lives,

Henoc Lucien Sr. Missionary VOHM-Haiti

VOHM Board Response to the Situation in Haiti

The political turmoil in Haiti has diminished for now. However, the underlying causes of the turmoil have not been addressed. The political/financial instability has serious ramifications for Vision of Hope Ministries (VOHM).
The College Susan Schuenke (CSS) our K-12 Christian school was closed during the upheaval so we have not received any tuition income for a month from Haitian parents who had previously been able to pay their own child’s tuition.  The monetary, fuel and food crisis will continue to severely affect parents ability to live much less pay school tuition. The teachers at our school with families of their own are contracted to receive their salaries regardless of whether we receive tuition income.

VOHM is using funds we have received sooner than anticipated for sponsoring students. These funds will be depleted soon. We have many more students needing sponsors.

VOHM will subsidize the CSS payrolls to keep our school operating drawing from our general fund. We cannot continue this for very long. As we try to help our Christian school the depletion from our general fund seriously affects our ability to provide needed funds for our pastor’s salaries, fuel, and supporting our orphans.

You can help us in three ways:

1)There are 47 students still waiting for scholarship funding listed on our website. In addition, we have another 90 who need scholarship help as a result of the recent financial crisis.  $375/yr or $31.25/mo will support one full year of tuition. That money will go to provide funds to pay our teacher salaries.

2)We need to replenish our general fund which will be used to cover the shortfall in tuition income.

3)Pastor Henoc’s vehicle our Toyota HiLux has reached the end of its useful life. He has no transportation at this time. Please consider: donating a good used truck for the ministry or helping us purchase a new Toyota HiLux in Haiti. Current cost is $40,000.

Can you help?
You can sponsor a child, replenish our general fund or donate to the vehicle fund by going to our using the buttons you see on this page, or by sending a check.  Checks should be mailed to VOHM, Box 98, Three Lakes WI  54562.  Please use your check’s notation area to indicate which fund you are supporting.

Vision of Hope Ministries offers hope in Christ in these uncertain times for the people of Cap Haitian, Haiti.

Thank you

Here's How You Can Help

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