Emmanuella Eustache (Manou) came to Pastor Henoc and Guerline Lucien from Pignon, Haiti as an adolescent to be a companion to Guerline and to get a Christian Education.  Manou was able to attend Vision of Hope Ministries’ (VOHM) Christian school  (College Susan Schuenke) in Cap Haitien on a scholarship.  Manou, after graduation, attended a dental school in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Again, she was being supported financially. Manou was a very good student and graduated as a dentist in 2021.  She married in 2021 to Cherlin Pierrre, who also attended College Susan Schuenke.

Manou and Cherlin will settle in the village of Berard, Haiti where Vision of Hope Ministries has planted a thriving church, a community drinking water system and founded a small orphanage.  The orphans are now grown and graduated from our College Susan Schuenke and off to college.

Vision of Hope Ministries is helping Manou to set up the first dental office in Berard using our vacant orphan building.  We have two  dental chairs donated.  In order for Manou to set up her practice, she needs dental equipment (see pictures) which will cost $10,000 to purchase in the USA.
I am writing to ask for your help to purchase this dental equipment, so the village of Berard will have their first dentist!  The mission of Vision of Hope Ministries is to raise up the next generation of young people in Haiti with a Christian world view, and first class education returning to Haiti to serve their people.  This is what Manou is going to accomplish.

If you are able to donate financially to this worthy project, please see the ways you can give below. The items pictured are in greatest need, and new and/or used items are welcome so if you know of any dentists who may be moved to help please contact them.  VOHM is a Wisconsin C Corp with a 501c3 non profit exemption.