Dear Friends

Summer is upon us and moving very fast. I hope you and those you love are enjoying this beautiful season that God has provided. We at VOHM have much to be thankful for-our supporters in particular. I am grateful to report that your response to our request for help to cover Wilguens medical and funeral expenses paid the bill in full. Praise the Lord! Our supporters are awesome! Blessings upon you.

Summer is in full swing in Northern Haiti. Many teams from the U.S. are arriving to work alongside Pastor Henoc and his team. Patrick is very busy tending to the needs of those teams. We love to see you come and love on our family. This has been a safe, busy, and productive summer.

We are now gearing up for our new school year. We have many more children who desire to enroll in our school. Seeing students graduate from College Susan Schuenke and pursue advanced degrees enabling them to return home to serve their local communities and Haiti in general encourages us to press on in this work despite many obstacles. This success is due to the mercy of our Great God and the generosity of our gracious supporters. You will be hearing soon from Karen Patterson, our administrative coordinator, about the many students who will require scholarship support to enroll. Many thanks to those who have sponsored in the past and to those who have already committed to sponsor for the 2018-2019 school year!

Summer is also a very challenging time financially for Vision of Hope as it is for many ministries. However, this year we are even more challenged. The College Susan Schuenke incurred a very large unexpected expense in September 2017. Private schools in Haiti were taxed unexpectedly and our tax was $20,700.00 We paid our tax out of tuition we collected that was budgeted for teacher salaries. This amount, $20,700 represents 1.7 teacher payrolls. So as a result VOHM has had to subsidize almost 4 payrolls when we usually budget to cover only 2. This expense has very seriously drained our general fund to the lowest level in our history. We need some help!

So, I come to you in humility and ask you to help us recover this immediate need. Please consider our request and pray for our shortfall to be funded.

I , Pastor Henoc, the Haiti staff, and our board are thankful for you. Your support allows us to fulfill our purpose:

“To transform lives through the Gospel, empowering the next generation of Haitians with a high-quality education and a Christian world view in order to break a cycle of dependence which will change Haiti for Christ and His Kingdom.”


Greg Schuenke, President Vision of Hope Ministries

To share your support with Vision of Hope Ministries you can send it via snail mail to:  VOHM, Box 98, Three Lakes, WI  54562.  Donations online can be make by clicking here.  Thank you in advance for your gracious and faithful support of this ministry!