She sat in the school bus, confused and not knowing what life would bring her. I met her on the campus of College Susan Schuenke in September 2005, three years after the flooding of the school. She was only 11 years old and going into 7th grade. Hopelessness filled her eyes and the driver told me that she slept every day on the way to school and in the afternoon when she goes home. Speaking to this little girl, I could see her sense of beauty and innocence. She reminded me of my own daughter, Abigail, who is the same age. I can remember our first conversation. I told her that she looked like my daughter and I showed her Abby’s picture. I was surprised when I learned that she and Abby were born only two days apart. After meeting her mother, I could understand what she was going through, the misery, the betrayal of her father who moved away from the house, the uncertainty of life. God inspired me to buy her lunch everyday and I tried to do my best to assist her mom through our VOHM deacon’s funds. 

By December of that same year, Asseline came to spend Christmas break with our family.  After Christmas, she refused to go back home. She had become a part of our family. We soon realized how intelligent she was when she became valedictorian of her class at CSS. Guerline and I decided to pay for her to go to school in Santiago, Dominican Republic where she began studying medicine at UTESA. 

February 22, 2020 was a day of victory! I was able to get a passport and visa for Asseline’s mother to accompany me to the Dominican Republic. It was a day of joy as we witnessed Asseline receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree.

In the evening, we had a graduation party to reflect on overcoming all the challenges and struggles to get to this point. She still has to work for one year for the government, pass tests, and then receive her license. 

This is what we envisioned when we came to Haiti. To transform lives and give hope to the hopeless. To make the lowly become great through the power of the gospel

All Glory to God!