Will you join us in raising $15,000 to purchase a used Ford Truck for Pastor Henoc to use for ministry work in Haiti? As he has been without a vehicle for almost a year, the ministry has suffered. Pastor Henoc explains below why having a reliable form of transportation makes all the difference for him and his ability to minister to the people in his community:

“My family and I live in Berard, about a 30-minute drive to the city of Cap-Haitien. I mainly work as Pastor of the Cap-Haitien church while providing leadership and oversight to our three other churches located in Berard and Grande Riviere du Nord. Each day I must travel to Cap-Haitien to work in the office of the church, prepare messages, provide counsel to those in need, and assist in activities at the school. Without a vehicle, I must find other means to travel to Cap-Haitien that are often unreliable and costly. Many days have gone by where I am unable to find transportation to the city, causing me to stay home and not be able to do the work of the ministry.

Having a vehicle is truly essential for our ministry to meet the needs of our community to the fullest. I often need to visit people in their homes to provide guidance, prayer, and support. Each week I must work with the other pastors of our churches for leadership orientation, training, and general direction. Lastly, on a larger scale, a vehicle enables me to minister in areas other than Cap-Haitien as I speak all over the country. Thank you for partnering with us to meet this need!”

Our goal is to raise the funds by December 1st so we can purchase a used Ford F250 diesel truck in the US and have it shipped to Haiti by the end of the year. The approximate cost for the truck, shipping, and taxes is $15,000. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to replace this important ministry tool.